Monitoring the Internal Affairs of New Jersey Police

This site is presently a work-in-progress. Its present purpose is to collect information about New Jersey's procedure for disciplining police officers through the Internal Affairs (IA) process. As time goes on, this site's scope may expand into other related areas, such as gathering information on police officers' use of force and police officers' appeals from adverse IA rulings. This text was last updated on May 5, 2008.

If you click on "Police Complaints" above, you will be be able to see the data reported by various New Jersey police departments on their "Internal Affairs Summary Report Forms." These forms are the ONLY records related to the Internal Affairs (IA) procedure that the public has access to. (For more information on the IA Summary Report Form and other aspects of the IA process, see the Attorney General's Internal Affairs Policies and Procedures.

Unfortunately, the IA Summary Report Forms filed by several police departments are internally inconsistent. For example, some departments might show that out of 5 complaints for "excessive force," 3 resulted in "exonerated" findings and 1 was "not sustained." I would label such a form as "inconsistent" because it does not show the disposition of the one remaining "excessive force" case. I have marked all inconsistent forms with an asterisk (*). An asterisk" after a department's name (e.g. "Asbury Park*") signifies that the report contains internally inconsistent data. In all cases of inconsistency, I have written to the police department or its funding agency and have requested that they resolve the inconsistencies and send me updated IA Summary Report Forms. Upon receipt of the updated forms, I will update the data and remove the asterisk provided that the amended forms contain consistent data.

John Paff